Alaia Blanks

Beach paulownia alaia blank surfboard

So easy. Shape it, oil and enjoy


We can make for you almost any board blank mesure you desire or need. It could be for alaia or any other project. Just your imagination.

Height: from 1000 mm to 3500 mm.

Thickness: now we can do blanks 4 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm thickness to 50 mm. from 1,2 cm ( minimum ) to 4 cm. 

Width: from 300 mm to 1000 mm. 

The price of the most common alaia blank we sell ( 2140 x 500 x 25 mm ) is 102 € ( Price 2016 ). Tell us which board measures you want and we will send you a quote. We do special prices for large orders.

All boards are made by us using only our local timber. Any thickness of alaia blanks we have are single layer. There is nothing of doubtful origin imported here, non-organic,  unsustainable.

We do discounts up to 5% and 10% available for large orders. Do not hesitate to ask us, we will be pleased to answer you as soon as possible.


We made all blanks with various strips glued together, using waterproof D4 glue. Paulownia board joints are tongue and groove, but also it could be flat joint on demand.

Wood is light and resistant to water. It is also easy to shape and looks really attractive when it's oiled. Although they may look delicate. They can withstand a lot of use, with a little care an alaia will last a lifetime, and at the end of its life it will return to nature. To make your Alaia, all you need to do is cut out a template, shape the rails and bottom curves and oil it with linseed oil.

The exceptional properties of Paulownia wood is suitable for most wood-working projects. Our Paulownia blanks have a very light weight. Customers can use it for alaia surfboards, bottoms and decks for Sups and hollow surfboards, paipos, kite boards, handplanes and other ocean crafts. 

1953 Solarbo Furnell p30.jpg
oiled alaia by troglo.jpg

Alaia oiled finishing

Alaias by Troglo
shaping concave  alaia.jpg

Shaped alaia concave

Paulownia alaia blanks

Very light weight alaia blanks

           Kite “Tiki” Blanks 

Paulownia Tiki blanks with 80/100 mm scoop at the nose. Length up to 2500 mm and 18 / 20 mm thickness.

Paulownia kite board Tiki blank
Tiki board
Tiki kite board

           *New bodyboard blanks 

We are proud to be in contact always with our customers, offering wooden design solutions, listenening their comments, their needs, proposals or ideas they like share with us. 

From the experience we've developed “pre formed bodyboard blanks”. Custom sized blanks to you. Leaving the last part of design and shape to you. 

Preformed bodyboard paulownia blank

Preformed Bodyboard blank. 900 x 500 x 20 mm. 40 mm scoop. 10 mm bottom concave.

Paulownia bodyboard from preformed blank


Paulownia bodyboard from preformed blank

       Handplane blanks 

Now, we do handplane paulownia blanks made with our sustainable timber in two sizes 400 x 220 x 25 mm and 500 x 245 x 25 mm. Available also in two finishes. Only made with paulownia timber if you like or with a thin strip of Australian red cedar, also cultivated in an ecological way by ourselves.

Each blank is made alone. It is unique! They have not been cut from large paulownia panels. 

If those sizes don't fit to you, we do custom blanks. You just have to ask us for the measures you like.

handplane australian red cedar inlay.jpg

Paulownia handplane with Australian Red Cedar inlay

DIY/Handplanes blanks prices ( Australian Red Cedar inlays ):

- 400 x 220 x 25 mm ……………….. 22 €

- 500 x 250 x 25 mm ……………….. 25 €

For any other measures or thickness, contact us.

paulownia handplane blanks.jpg

Easy create your own Handplane and enjoy

IMG 3956.JPG
troglo taller handplane.jpg


    Thinnest blanks!!! 4 mm!!!  

Now we are able to make thinnest blanks, with all the paulownia timber strength, and flexibility. We have improved our thecnique in the production of boards, so this allows us to manufacture glued boards of only 4 mm thickness, very straight, no deformations, no plywood, simply perfect. 

These super flexible panels are suitable to put over as deck or bottom, covering your hollow surfboards simply and easily. Just tell us your project measures, If we can, we make it.

IMG 3813.JPG

thinnest paulownia board 4 mm thickness

The incredible flex of paulownia thinnest boards

Paulownia alaia blanks ready to shape and oil

Paulownia alaia blanks ready to shape

IMG 3285.JPG

And finally the alaia ready to get wet

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