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Paulownia is a tree originally from Asia, and it is being now cultivated for us in Europe. We are proud to be the first Paulownia growers in Spain who have harvested the first commercial trees. And now we can bring to you, after several years cultivating paulownia trees, the opportunity to have your own paulownia wood surfboard.

The reason to use Paulownia wood for surfboards is because it has the ability to resist saltwater like no other wood in the market. There is no need to varnish or glass. Only use linseed oil and beeswax.

Paulownia wood is lighter than most of the wood you can find in a timber store and has a very nice flex. Easy to work, shape or sand with hand tools, eco friendly and no toxic. Paulownia timber is the perfect combination to create alias or other wooden surfboard without glass.

alaia surfers.jpg

The Alaia is a traditional Hawaiian surfboard ridden by the ancients. It is the most ancient of the surfboards, a simple but effective design that was ridden by Hawaiians before european contact. Alaia is a finless, fast and fun board that provide a unique glide when ridden lying down or standing.

Measures are usually between 5 to 10 feet long, 14 to 18 inches wide and 1/2 to 1 inches thick.

Make your own Alaia could be the best beginner shaping project. Put a template on a blank, cut with hand tools, shape, oil it up and test it. If you are still not satisfied with the board, take it home, reshape and test it again. 

ancient alaia.jpg

Ancient alaia. Made from a solid board.

largest olo.jpg

Olo board only for royalty. Made from largest Koa trees.

surfing door board.jpg

Surfing a flat board, why not?

sCalifornia1900 Bps prone.jpg

California 1900. Interesting designs.

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