Paulownia Wood

paulownia plantation early spring. Madera de paulownia.

Paulownia trees in early spring

Paulownia timber can be used for a wide of variety purposes, housing components, aircraft, fittings, veneers, furniture, musical instruments, barrels, handcrafts, gift boxes, storage boxes, charcoal, wood pulp and coffins. But specially suitable  for marine crafts, boats, kayaks and surfboards, due it has a low density giving excellent buoyancy and resistant to soak up water. 

It has a straight grained and easy to plane to glossy surface. There is no other wood that even remotely compares to paulownia. Work with this wood is safest for wood shaper, for example Balsa dust hurts lungs. Paulownia is odorless and no toxic.

Thin Paulownia strips for wooden surfboard bottom and deck. Madera de paulownia.

We hold environmental consciousness and responsibility since first day when we planted paulownia trees and also we have taken active steps to significantly reduce the environmental impact. We always take care and oversee in the whole process minimizing, as far as we can, our carbon foot print and energetic costs. We recycle the leaves, branches of trees and woody debris in organic fertilizer and biomass.

Paulownia wood comes from sustainable and almost 100% organic plantations. We bring the timber to you directly from our own plantations, directly from the land to the sea. There is no middleman in between and we only cut the trees you need. Surfers, that use alaias or surfboards made with paulownia, have to know while they are surfing, another tree is growing from the stump. The circle of life starts again. 

      Paulownia strips  

paulownia strips

Now for all those who want to build their own hollow boards we offer already cut strips for decking. 

We've  thought about offering precut strips in 4 different widths and thicknesses. At the same time each pack is available in three different lengths 2000mm / 2500 mm / 3000 mm.

Strips faces are in rough finishing. If you want they be dressed should be added a 15% to the price.

All the strips are in one piece, even longest. This means they have no glued joint to get the required length.

One pack of strips 25 mm wide has 24 pcs. And one pack with strips 50 mm wide contain 12 pcs. Both packs 24 pcs. and 12 pcs. have the same price.

  • 2000 x 25 / 50 x 6 mm ………. 32,40 €
  • 2500 x 25 / 50 x 6 mm ………. 40,50 €
  • 3000 x 25 / 50 x 6 mm ………. 48,96 €
  • 2000 x 25 / 50 x 9 mm ………. 38,40 €
  • 2500 x 25 / 50 x 9 mm ………. 48,00€
  • 3000 x 25 / 50 x 9 mm ………. 57,60 €

Also for people who wants wider strips we do packs of 70 mm with 6 mm and 9 mm thickness too. Each pack contains 8 pcs. These measures only when available.

  • 2000 x 70 x 6 mm ……….. 30,24 €
  • 2500 x 70 x 6 mm ……….. 37,80 €
  • 3000 x 70 x 6 mm ……….. 45,40 €
  • 2000 x 70 x 9 mm ……….. 35,70 €
  • 2500 x 70 x 9 mm ……….. 44,60 €
  • 3000 x 70 x 9 mm ……….. 53,60 €

Do you want to make an estimate  of weight? Average weight of one paulownia strip 2500 x 50 x 6 mm is only 190 gr.

We could do many other widths from 10 mm to 60 mm. Ask us about measures we can do and prices. 

*Prices are for 2016

paulownia strips for surfboards


            Raw wood 

Raw wood now is available to our customers who need more timber for their workshops and they want only raw wood in a precut format. The available thickness at this moment is from 10 mm up to 15 mm. Lengths from 2000 mm up to 3000 mm. The raw wood will be calculated in m3. 

Unfortunately this service is not always available. Please contact us for availability and scheduled paulownia harvesting.

paulownia raw wood

This is the appearance of our paulownia raw boards

paulownia raw wood package
Loading the truck with paulownia logs

Loading a truck with paulownia logs from the last harvest ( 2016 ). We do sustainable rotations in our paulownia plots. Always leaving stand up trees growing. 


thin paulownia timber. Madera de paulownia.

The incredible light weight of our organic wood is 210-230 kg/m3

paulownia one year regrowth

Keep in mind, when you are riding an Alaia or surfboard made with Paulownia timber, another tree starts to grow again

environmental friendly paulownia plantation

We try extremely to be environmental friendly in our plantations

paulownia growing

Paulownia trees take their time to grow

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